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Intensive In-Home Services

Our comprehensive in-home services in Virginia are dedicated to providing specialized support for children and adolescents aged 5 to 18 who face the imminent risk of out-of-home placement due to behavioral, mental health, or substance use challenges. Additionally, we extend our assistance to those within the same age group who are in the critical phase of transitioning from out-of-home placements. Our tailored services aim to address a spectrum of issues, with a particular focus on enhancing problem-solving abilities and fostering healthier interpersonal relationship-building skills.

Our intensive in-home treatment encompasses a wide array of services designed to meet the unique needs of each individual:

  • Behavioral Interventions: Our team of experienced professionals employs evidence-based behavioral interventions to address and modify challenging behaviors, fostering positive changes in the home environment.

  • Individual Counseling: Tailored one-on-one counseling sessions provide a confidential and supportive space for children and adolescents to explore and work through their personal challenges, fostering emotional well-being.

  • Family Therapy: Recognizing the importance of familial relationships, our services include family therapy sessions aimed at improving communication, resolving conflicts, and strengthening family bonds to create a more supportive environment for the child.

  • Psychoeducation: We offer educational resources and guidance to both the child and their family, providing essential information about behavioral health, mental health, and substance use issues to empower them with knowledge and coping strategies.

  • Skill Development Programs: Our programs focus on enhancing essential life skills, including problem-solving, decision-making, and interpersonal communication. These skill-building initiatives equip children and adolescents with the tools necessary to navigate various aspects of their lives more effectively.

  • Crisis Intervention: Our team is available to provide timely and effective crisis intervention services, ensuring that immediate support is accessible during challenging moments to prevent the escalation of issues.

  • Collaboration with Community Resources: We work collaboratively with community resources to create a comprehensive support network, connecting families with additional services and assistance when needed.

  • Transition Support: For children transitioning from out-of-home placements, we provide targeted support to ease the adjustment process, addressing emotional and behavioral challenges during this critical period.


At A Walk Through Life, we are committed to promoting the well-being of children and adolescents by offering a holistic and individualized approach to intensive in-home services. Our dedicated team strives to empower families and create a positive environment where every child can thrive.

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