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Comprehensive Mental Health Skill Building

A Walk Through Life is honored to offer mental health skill building services to individuals in the community that suffer from serious mental illnesses and/or substance abuse.  It is our mission to provide services that meet individuals’ behavioral, mental, and emotional needs.


A Walk Through Life provides transitional support and stabilization services to individuals returning to the community from a more restrictive environment.  Our ongoing goal is to provide the most stable, beneficial, and opportunity rich environment in which individuals can grow and develop into productive citizens in our society. 


Every individual served learn skills for independent living, interpersonal relationships, use of community resources, money management/budgeting, accessing housing and benefits, and medication management.  Individuals also learn to monitor their health, nutrition, and exercise.


Our services provides individuals with the ability to function successfully in the community and integrated environments.  Services are provided in the home and/or community, and vary based on the individual’s specific needs.

Benefits of Mental Health Skill Building Services include: 

  • Improving Self-Esteem

  • Accessing & Receiving Entitlements

  • Securing and Maintaining Housing

  • Medication Monitoring for Accuracy

  • Basic Cooking Skills 

  • Developing Appropriate Personal & Home Hygiene, Dressing, & Laundry

  • Increasing Community Integration with Appropriate Social Skills

  • Building Transportation & Shopping Skills

  • Maintaining Healthy Lifestyles &/or Addressing Health

  • Educating about Mental Illnesses & Symptoms

  • Self-Awareness Regarding Symptoms

  • Identifying Satisfaction in Life

  • Achieving Personal Growth

  • Budgeting/Money Management Skills

  • Accessing & Utilizing Community Resources

To see if you or someone you knows qualifies for services click here

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